NRGLed is a collaboration with Esquisse to improve LED lighting. Esquisse is the owner of an original idea to drive LEDs in an innovative way. ThinkThrough has formed a virtual joint venture to invest in this concept and develop it into a company NRGLed to turn this idea into a product. After establishing relationships with research institutes, technology partners and investors, NRGLed is now in the start-up process after additionally getting support from public funding.

NRGLed will change the LED lighting market because of 4 key differentiators:

  • More cost effective because we use less components and eliminate inductors and capacitors from the driver
  • More reliable (higher MTBF, lower FiT) since there are less components, the weakest links are eliminated by design and the operating temperature is actively controlled
  • More energy efficient, particularly because of PF nears 1
  • Future proof: it smart design enables integration of controls and makes smart lighting available at alsmost no additional cost

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