Levade ICT

Levade ICT is a specialist in selection, reporting, analysis and monitoring of information. The products of Levade ICT enable cost savings in new and existing Business Intelligence solutions, they reduce dependency on expensive consultants and fulfill the need for immediate information needs, either ad hoc or repetitively.

Branded as “The Reporting Factory” Levade ICT provides reporting facilities as a pay-as-you-go internet business service. Levade ICT offers all inclusive care of the total process related to reporting for a fixed monthly fee without the need to make an upfront investment to get the service going.



In collaboration with House of Innovation, ThinkThrough as supported Levade ICT bijgestaan during the switch from a business model based on the sale of software products to  “software as a service”. With help of ThinkThrough and House of Innovation, Levade ICT has been able to market The Reporting Factory as a well defined product, has established a base for future expansion and improve its operating position.

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