ThinkThrough is expanding. More and more projects are coming in. We would welcome additional brainpower and executive ownership to support the translation of technical ideas and inventions into products and businesses. We are inviting co-entrepreneurs to contact us to discuss options of possible collaboration. A co-entrepreneur in the vision of ThinkThrough is a person who is able to balance opportunities and risk and is able to invest in a long term relationship with our project-partners. Cashflow should not be your primary concern, you should rather be keen to develop value over time.

On short notice, we have opportunities open on:

  • Someone with strong background in start-up finance. Many of our projects require funding through investors and/or credit facilities. A co-entrepreneur that can help us forge relationships that last between investors, banks and our own spin-offs in true win-win constructions for all involved partners is an asset to our company.
  • Someone with a strong network in the area of public heritage in the Netherlands.

If you are a co-entrepreneur who is interested to divide in order to multiply, you are invited to contact us to invest a bit of our mutual time.

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