Sponsor Rare Diseases Fund

ThinkThrough is sponsor of the runners of Foundation Rare Diseases Fund and the Erfocentrum. They aim to collect € 10.000 through participation in the Dam-to-dam run. Join us in supporting them and donate through this website (dutch only)!

Jong Ondernemen

ThinkThrough is a coach for student entrepreneurs in Jong Ondernemen.

In 2010, ThinkThrough was a coach of 7 times awarded student company Greeny Games, the best student company of Europe.

BiD Network

ThinkThrough is engaged as a coach in the BiD network, a non-profit web network, preparing emerging market entrepreneurs for investors.

Lia Koster Glass Art

ThinkThrough is a sponsor of the arts through Lia Koster Glass Art


ThinkThrough is a sponsor of the running team of the Rijndam Revalidatiecentrum for the Roparun 2011

The Rijndam Team completes the 522 km run successfully!

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