About us

If you want to multiply, you need to learn how to divide

The current economical climate requires an entirely new approach. You are looking for a long lasting relationship with your customers and a sustainable result. You need help with your investment, but this is not easily obtained in these times. ThinkThrough is a co-entrepreneur: we offer a range of possibilities to participate in your venture. We do not believe that the safe distance of an invoice per hour gives you the involvement you are looking for. Dependent on your situation, we can participate through Seed Capital, Sweat Capital (hours paid in shares) and “no-cure no-pay”, optionally combined with a compensation for costs.To support starting entrepreneurs we join in the search for funding sources at our own risk. This is a foundation for an intense cooperation with maximum commitment to obtain the best possible sustainable results. Tailor-made is standard.The choice of a partner in your venture is no small task. Can promises be realized and is there a good personal match? You want to be sure that your partner will keep going when the going gets tough. ThinkThrough knows collaboration is a matter of trust, we will maximize our efforts every day to earn that trust. A transparant approach towards value contribution distinguishes us from hourly invoicing and gives you the confidence we are joining you in your effort to increase sustainable value for your enteriprise.

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