There is no peace among equals because equality doesn’t exist in this universe. Either one prevails and the other follows, or both negotiate their differences and create a greater partnership ~ Harold J. Duarte-Bernhardt

    ThinkThrough is a registered agent for i-DEPOT. i-DEPOT is a formal registration tool, managed by BBIE (Benelux-Bureau voor de Intellectuele Eigendom) for protecting invention dates of new ideas, concepts, shapes, etc. ThinkThrough can help you registering your ideas as original. Note: i-DEPOT does not generate a protectable intellectual property right.
  • De Clercq Advocaten cq Notarissen
    De Clercq is a versatile group of Laywers and Notary based in Leiden. The group exists already for almost 160 years, but is still young of heart and mind and highly dynamical.
    De Clercq Laywers, Notary and Tax Advisors and ThinkThrough are building a strategic partnership to enable innovation and innovative alliances by combination of their experience and knowledge of governance, intellectual property and business development.

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